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Mr Elio Luongo


Elio Luongo serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Senior Partner of KPMG in Canada, where he has been instrumental in driving profession-leading quality and service excellence since assuming the role in 2016. With a wealth of experience in executive positions prior to his CEO appointment, Elio has a proven track record of fostering high quality sustainable growth and an innate ability to identify trends, guiding clients through dynamic landscapes.

As a dedicated advocate for positive change and a leader who sets a compelling example, Elio is a respected member of KPMG’s Global Board and the Global Council of KPMG International. His influence extends to his active participation on the Board of Directors for the Toronto Region Board of Trade and Catalyst Canada Advisory Board.

Beyond his corporate leadership, Elio’s passion lies in innovation, technology, and environmental, social, and governance principles. A dedicated champion of diversity, inclusion, and equity, he integrates these values into KPMG’s talent strategy, shaping a workplace culture that reflects these ideals. Elio actively spearheads initiatives that not only empower individuals but also mentor them to become catalysts for change, fortifying their communities and making a meaningful impact.

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