Selection criteria

The Canada’s Outstanding CEO of the Year™ award follows a rigorous and comprehensive selection criteria.

Vision and Leadership

The nominee must have demonstrated vision and leadership over several years. This includes specific situations or initiatives where the nominee’s insight, discernment and ability to lead and inspire has guided his or her organization to a new level of growth, achievement or recognition.

Corporate Performance

Financial information is an important indicator of success. The Advisory Board will examine financial statistics for the nominee's organization for the past five fiscal years. Leadership in board governance policy and procedure will also be assessed.

Global Competitiveness

Global competitiveness details any international initiatives undertaken by the nominee. This may involve situations where the nominee has foreseen potential new markets abroad, enhanced operations in other countries, set up foreign ventures or expanded the organization's affairs internationally. It is important to recognize any internal or external barriers to this global expansion, and strategies used by the nominee to overcome them. For organizations that are primarily domestic in scope but operate on a world-class level, performance will be compared with that of global competitors in the same sector/industry.

Innovative Business Achievements

How is the nominee's organization unique or innovative in its relationships with its employees and its customers? What are its major products and/or services? Why is it unique and how has it demonstrated excellence in its field?

Social Responsibility

In addition to corporate performance and innovation, a truly outstanding CEO uses his or her private sector skills and creativity to help the community overcome social or environmental problems.


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