Canada’s Outstanding CEO of the Year award program was founded to identify and recognize outstanding leadership and achievement by a Canadian Chief Executive Officer.

This highly respected award honours an executive in Canadian business who exemplifies integrity, insists upon excellence, earns the trust of others and has built a globally competitive organization.

The honoree is selected by a distinguished advisory board comprised of eminent business leaders based on the following criteria: Corporate Performance, Vision and Leadership, Global Competitiveness, Innovation, and Social Responsibility

Number one

We would like to acknowledge the late William McElcheran and his contribution to Canada’s Outstanding CEO of the Year award program. One of Canada’s foremost figurative sculptors, Mr McElcheran often looked to the business world for artistic inspiration. His satirical figure, the businessman, has become a well-known character here in Canada and abroad.

On the occasion of the presentation of the 1991 Canada’s Outstanding CEO of the Year award, William McElcheran was approached to create a sculpture that would capture the spirit and meaning of this award. The resulting work, appropriately titled Number One, has become a symbol for this prestigious award program and the values it represents.

William McElcheran courtesy of Kinsman Robinson Galleries
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